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The coming of the Messiah is the most celebrated event in all history. What would you have seen if you were there when he was teaching and ministering?  Walk beside the master with a 360-degree view of his walk as the greatest leader and teacher, the boldest minister, the wisest counselor, the Son of the Father.

An outstanding resource for your study, teaching, and reference. 

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        The life of Christ in a narrative of 164 distinct events, from the gospels’ introductions through Jesus’ birth, death, resurrection and ascension.

         Includes the proposed times and locations of each event according to the latest research.

         Shows Jesus’ ministry easily fits into the one-year time frame prophesied by Isaiah and Daniel, and declared by Jesus Christ himself.

◆         With detailed appendices, including calendars of the events surrounding Jesus’ birth and his death and resurrection, notes on the narrative of events, an introduction to the chronology of the gospels, and scriptural support for the one-year time frame of his ministry.

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