Introduction to The Gospels Unified

Prophecies of the redeemer began way back in Genesis. For centuries men looked for his coming. At last, an extraordinary man of faith and action arose to fulfill this heavenly mission.

He lived the grace and love and forgiveness that we all treasure every day. He healed every sickness, cast out every devil, comforted every soul. When the time came, he gave his life to pave the way to the Father for each one of us.

Jesus’ love and teachings continue to touch millions. He taught an inclusive gospel that reaches out to those of all faiths, of all cultures, in all languages, men and women, young and old, at every level of social standing and educational background. He freely poured out his heart and life to all.

The Four Gospels

The series of events in his life is preserved in four unique gospels. Each one contributes to our appreciation of his focused life, his simple yet brilliant teachings, his great love, and the completeness of his sacrifice for us.

Yes, we need all four gospels. We need to see his compassionate leadership in Matthew. Isn’t his life the example for all who oversee others? We need to see his fierce determination to bring deliverance in Mark. Shouldn’t we all be so employed? What about his simple, loving walk as the ideal man in Luke? Shouldn’t we be the same with our fellow men? And what of his oneness with his Father in John? Now that we are redeemed and our sins washed away, shouldn’t we seek that same closeness with our Heavenly Father?

As Christians we want to know our Lord. We want to follow him and walk in his footsteps. We have his example in each gospel. So why join the four together?

When viewed side by side, we find details in each gospel that do not appear in the others. We may think these differences would inspire conflict and doubt. But, no! Rather than bringing dispute they augment, complement, even fulfill one another to present a unified view of Jesus’ life and ministry.

This gives the student yet another perspective on Jesus’ life—the inclusive view, the unified view—a view that resonates with the teachings of the teacher himself, in all their depth and beauty.

Jesus’ life and accomplishments were not given to the few of us, but to all of us. This volume focuses on the records of his life, the four gospels themselves, presented without the frameworks of doctrine that divide and separate us Christians from one another, the gospels from each other, and ultimately obscure the testimony of his life.


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