How to Enjoy This Book

The best way to enjoy this book? Just read the narrative!

The gospels are likely to be your favorite section of the Scriptures. They tell the story of your Lord and Savior. And this chronological, all-inclusive viewpoint will bless you. So pick a place and start reading.

All the Scripture verses are from the King James Version. If you are not familiar with the King James now, you will be soon enough. Just read it! 

How to Follow the Narrative of Events

The narrative of events is offered in six parallel columns spanning two facing pages. The central four columns are the text of the four gospels. The first and last columns are for reference and for your convenience.

The First Column

The first column is supplementary information. Each of the 164 events is numbered and given a short description. The event’s location will be noted if known. An indication of the time may also be given. The time could be a season, month, day of the week, date, or even hour.

The dates and times associated with each event arise from the study of biblical and cultural customs. They have no divine authority attached to them and that is not the intention. They are given as an aid to understanding the flow of events.

In order to reduce distractions to the text, any further notes have been moved to one of the appendices. Where a note would normally appear, there will be a reference in the first column, as in “See Appendix 3.”

The appendices are arranged in Event order. Within an appendix you first locate the event number for that event, and there you will find the relevant note.

The Four Gospels

The next four columns present the text of the four gospels that pertain to each event. You may follow the action of an event by following the gospel columns, together, from the top to the bottom of the two facing pages. Individual events are separated by a line in each column, and subdivisions of the events are separated by a diamond.

The Last Column

The sixth and last column tells which verses appear on these two facing pages. If a gospel’s column has no verses, the next verse to appear in that gospel is given instead, with an arrow pointing forward. This column and the event descriptions of the first column help you find your place in the narrative.


Enjoy reading this fresh perspective on the life of our Lord Jesus. You will find many gems that remain hidden when the gospels are viewed separately. My heart’s desire is that you find it as breathtaking to read and as full of discovery as I have.


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